There are certain times that lend themselves to self-reflection. A new baby, a big birthday, and I think relocating to a different country. There is a special window of time where the possibilities for change and reinvention are endless. A unique opportunity to ponder what’s important and what direction to take.

My plan, my little dream that suddenly seemed within reach, was to open a cafe. A small one, but with great coffee and homemade food.

Just after arriving in Zurich I had a list of things to do, big things, and I just needed a moment, to take a breath, before getting started. I needed to be in a cafe, in my own thoughts, but with life reassuringly happening around me. I needed a decent coffee. As it happened it took a few weeks and some research to find a good cafe. In the meantime the idea to open my own had taken hold.

Of course at some point reality sets in. I can’t speak German, it’s too expensive, I’m too tired. But for a little while, it was good to dream and have some clarity.


For now though, I’m super happy when I find a good coffee, and I do appreciate someone else making it for me.


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