Market day.

Apparently it can take around two years to settle into a new country. I’ve had 18 months where I’ve let new experiences filter in, holding off from making any judgements too soon. Now all those impressions are filling my head like scattered puzzle pieces, waiting for me to make some sense of it all.

I can’t quite seem to put it together though, because Switzerland is full of surprises and contradictions.

While I appreciate the cleanliness and efficiency, at times it can feel a bit, well, sterile. Then you can turn a corner and there is warmth and colour again. Smiles are directed your way and you wonder if the blank stares that rattled you the day before were just a projection of yourself.

I recently found my idea of a perfect Saturday in the form of the MaiMarkt at Frau Gerolds Garten. Moments of contentment can come when you find your place, as I did that day. With the sun on my face I took in the sights and sounds while my kids tucked into their bratwurst.

It was a good reminder to be true to yourself, in whatever context that may be, because in doing so everything around you can suddenly seem a lot brighter.





6 thoughts on “Market day.

  1. Beautifully written Roz. It is only when we are truely present can we really appreciate all of the beauty that lies before us…..much Love x x x x


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