When we boarded the flight that would take us from Sydney to a new life in Zurich, it was spring. By the time we landed autumn was upon us. As the temperature continued to drop we soon realised that our southern hemisphere winter wardrobe would need an upgrade.

While we got acquainted with our new lakeside surroundings, we heard about the Badi, a swimming area that opens during summer. As I stood there shivering I couldn’t imagine that the water would ever be warm enough to entice me in.

But one thing I have discovered, perhaps my favourite thing about living in Switzerland, is that there are four distinct seasons here. I know that when the summer school holidays end and the children begin their new school year, within a week or two, like clockwork, there will be a change in the air. For someone who cannot picture where my family will eventually call home, there is something reassuring about the certainty of the changing seasons.

Now, thinking back to us bundled up in our big coats and boots, winter seems like a distant memory. The weekend has seen temperatures of 36 degrees, and it looks set to continue.

This is summer in Switzerland, and you’ll find us at the Badi.



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