In the days when my eldest daughter was a Norwegian child, there was usually a bolle lurking somewhere in my bag, ready to curb hunger pangs on days out.

For my youngest daughter, born in Australia, her first tastes menu included bite sized pieces of Vegemite sandwich.

Now that they are all experiencing a Swiss childhood their favourites are changing again and they will not consider anything but a Bratwurst for a school trip, safe in the knowledge that a fire will be lit and sticks sharpened to cook it.

I wonder what foods will evoke the nostalgia of childhood for them in the years to come. There are tins of beans in the cupboard and a jar of Vegemite in the fridge to try and keep a link to the foods they once thought of as normal.

Tonight I’m making boller, typical Norwegian cardamom buns, for school snacks. There are fancier variants – my kids are divided between skoleboller, with custard in the middle and coconut sprinkled on top, and skillingsboller, with cinnamon and sugar. Sometimes though, simple is best.



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