A new year.

If ever there is a day where you feel hope and anticipation for the future, it’s on the first day of the year.

It was only as I bid farewell to 2015 that I fully comprehended what a quietly momentous year had come to a close.

A year when you realise that you cannot change your past, and that you are who you are because of it.

One where you have to confront your deepest emotions, and realise that you have the strength to be okay.

When you realise that time is speeding along no matter how much you try to live in the present, and that when the children are grown you’ll look back and realise these were the days.

The year I started writing, and discovered I had a story to tell.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. For now I am grateful for everything that has led to this day, for the lessons learned along the way, and for the people who give it all some meaning.

Wishing you peace, love, and happiness for the coming year.


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