This blog is my story, of leaving the UK to be with a boy who happened to come from Norway. Then moving to Sydney. Then Zurich. Of living abroad, being a parent abroad. About how it feels when you’re not really sure where to call home anymore.


4 thoughts on “About.

  1. Omg we have so much in common it’s incredible!
    I always instinctively add some German words here and there xuan I’m trying to speak Norwegian. Looks like Norwegian and German are stored in the same section of my brain!
    And the kids very quickly adopted kanelbolle and skoleboller. We should try it with a bit of vegemite too 😉


  2. Enjoyed reading your entire blog! Can identify my life with your’s, chuckled at the same roadblocks and feelings. yet you have returned to your native land, I am still dreaming of it!! life as an expat is a strange and wonderful experience, but there is no place like home and your roots!


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